Bouncy Castles

The use of bouncy castles and inflatables on the premises is not permitted as they are expressly excluded from our insurance policy as a hazardous activity. Even though reputable providers will be fully insured, this usually covers their liability and not the hirer of the equipment. Because of the risk of serious injury and the size of potential claims which could arise as the result of alleged negligence or a lack of supervision on behalf of the hirer, the only circumstance under which we can allow their use is when the hirer has their own public liability insurance which specifically covers this risk and a copy of the certificate has been provided to the Trustees.

Also note that use of a bouncy castle or inflatable outside the premises is not permitted as part of the hire of the Village Hall as the Recreation Ground is owned by Upton Parish Council.

The National Association of Inflatable Hirers has published an Information Sheet on the safe use and operation of inflatable play equipment, including bouncy castles.

Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Guidelines

Ensure that the Hire Company:

  1. Fully complies with the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note PM76 – “The Safe Operation of Inflatable Bouncing Devices” (this important guide deals with all aspects of safety);
  2. Employs suitably experienced and trained adult personnel, where the Company are responsible for setting up, operation and supervision of the bouncy castle;
  3. Provides written evidence of a current Public Liability Insurance Policy with a Limit of Indemnity of at least £5 million. This insurance is to cover the liability of the Hire Company. It is unlikely to extend to cover the hirer of the equipment.

If you are to operate the bouncy castle, in addition to Items 1 and 3 above, ensure that you are provided with written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and supervision of the equipment, and that the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier is clearly marked upon it.

Safety Instructions

  1. Children should not be allowed to use the bouncy castle if there is a high wind or in wet weather (inflatable can flip over and slippery surfaces may cause injury);
  2. The castle must be adequately secured to the ground;
  3. Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be placed adjacent to the front or open sides;
  4. There should be responsible adult supervision, paying close attention to the children at play at all times during its use;
  5. The number of children using the bouncy castle must be limited to the number recommended in the Hire Company’s safety instructions. There must be no overcrowding;
  6. A rota system for different age or size groups should be operated together with the observance of any age limit of users (it is suggested that children over 10 years of age should not use the equipment);
  7. All children must be made to remove footwear, hard or sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, pens and other similar pocket contents. Eating while bouncing or performing acrobatics must not be allowed.

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