Upton 50 Club

The Upton 50 Club is a private lottery operated under the terms of The Gambling Act 2005, in accordance with the rules for a Small Scale Lottery, VWHDC Small Societies’ Lottery Registration: SL0022. The private lottery is run by the Upton Village Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust (UVHAT), Upton Village Hall, Station Road, Upton, Didcot OX11 9HX.

By joining the Upton 50 Club members can help to raise funds to ensure that Upton Village Hall remains a great resource for everyone in our community, as well as having a chance to win a cash prize every month. All profits made by the Upton 50 Club will be used to support the development and maintenance of the Village Hall.

The Upton 50 Club Rules are as follows:

• Membership is open to all Residents from Upton Village and the surrounding area, their families and friends. Members must be aged 16 or over to join.

• There is no restriction on the number of members of the Upton 50 Club and each member may apply for more than one ticket number if they so wish.

• The tickets sold will be entered into 12 consecutive monthly draws from April to March the following calendar year. Tickets are available for sale between February and April (before the April draw on the last Friday of April) each calendar year.

• The tickets can be obtained for a single payment of £10 for one ticket number by cash, cheque payable to Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust or by other means of payment into the UVHAT bank account.

• Each ticket number is unique and is issued on a first come first served basis.

• Each Ticket Number purchased is entered for 12 monthly draws.

• Under no circumstances can any payments for tickets be refunded.

• Purchase of a Ticket confirms that the purchaser accepts the rules of the Upton 50 Club.

• Draws are held on the last Friday of each month in the presence of a UVHAT trustee and another adult witness.

• Total cash prizes for the 12 monthly draws will amount to not less than 50% of the income received from Ticket Sales.

• There will be a minimum of three cash prizes per monthly draw. Additional prizes may be awarded at the UVHAT Management Committees discretion.

• A minimum of 50% of the total income collected will be donated in prizes with the remaining 50% or less donated to the Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust.

• Winners will be notified in person as soon as practicable following each draw. Winners will be paid in cash and will be asked to sign for receipt of their prize money against their winning number.

• The UVHAT Management Committee reserves the right to alter the Rules of the Upton 50 Club at any time as may be deemed necessary.

• For any enquiries regarding Upton 50 Club please contact bookings@uptonvillagehall.co.uk

A list of prize winners and prizes is published in Upton News and also posted below monthly.

January 2020 Winners

1st £25 No 72 Barry Walker
2nd £20 No 180 Jill McKenna
3rd £15 No 9 Dermot Paddon
4th £10 No 100 Susan Ryan

The next draw is on Friday, 28th February 2020.


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